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latrobe regional hospital sub acute care & medical records buildings

“Latrobe Regional Hospital wished to locate several buildings of different functions on this site and to add more over time. They wanted them to have a visually exciting presence along the Princes Highway.”

Project Name:

Medical Records Building



Construction Budget:




Project Name:

Sub Acute Care Building




Farnham Constuctions

medical records building

The client had a need to de-centralise their records and commissioned a custom building design that would cater for their current and forecasted needs. Externally the building is constructed of detailed pre cast concrete with feature shading structures and an adjunct office. Internally the space is predominantly filled with custom racking on both ground and mezzanine levels. The building is distinctive in it use of both colour and materials, and textures.

sub acute care building

Two buildings have been created on a multi staged site. One is dedicated as an office facility, while the other is especially designed for Sub Acute Care Services as a consultant/treatment suite. Externally the detailed pre cast concrete theme is continued with ‘slab ends’ providing a massing element at the North and Southern extremes of the building with the remaining façades comprising brightly painted panelling with dark framed glazing and exposed steel structure. The colour blocks help vary the linear façade and again make it a strong presence on the site.


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