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paynesville – the point house

“with it’s absolute waterfront location, the extensive use of glass and timber maximises the coastal feel of this location”

Located on the Point in Paynesville on the canals, this house uses it’s pallet of materials to complement it’s surroundings, to blend into it’s environment and provide a clean “coastal” feel. The house was built for a local developer and was designed to maximise the views to the canal with large expanses of glass and careful orientation of the entertaining spaces. The exterior uses  a palette of white walls with timber decking and feature soffits which extend inside to blur the interface between the interior and exterior. The dark window frames are used the frame the views and the use of highlight windows help add to the lightness of the interior spaces. The interior also uses white background  materials with timber and subdued tones to produce a minimalist palette. Again, the views to the exterior are the main focus when you are inside.


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