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Welcome to 2014 and SLAP Architect’s new look website.

The aim of this new site is to not only inform you about SLAP Architect’s projects but also about its working ethos, design philosophy,the amazing team and to also to provide you with useful, interactive information instead of a traditional static site.

We encourage all visitors to our site to subscribe to the site for email updates or via Facebook, Linked in or Google Plus to receive notification of updates and to ask questions this can be done either via our contact page, comments on projects and posts or by giving us a call to seek out further information.

As well as recent residential and commercial projects we have more information listed under “blog posts”: knowledge posts where we explore the topics that clients often ask about; a lifestyle blog where we post about design, design philosophies and design objects or projects that interest us as well as interesting events happening in East Gippsland; Project News where we keep you up to date on future and current projects that we are working on.

In addition the residential section has a brief outline of what to expect when working with an Architect and about the building process. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we suggest that you call our office and we are more than happy to have a chat with you about your project, how we can help you, and benefits of using an Architect to realise the full potential of your project.

Len Chapman,

Director SLAP Architects


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