Modernist Concrete USB Stick


We really love this modernist Concrete USB Stick from the German studio  KIXBERLIN

This concrete USB stick is the product of the Duo - French Designer Francois-Xavier Loucher and German manufacturer Michael Villanueva and their studio KIXBERLIN.  They have produced the stick in three different sizes S - 4Gb, M - 8Gb, and L - 16Gb. They are available in both light and dark grey. They also offer customisation for large Quantities or are available individually from their online store:

We would think this is a must have item for any designer or Architect!


4 Striking Pendant Lights


pendant lights can be a great way to make a design statement and subtlety transform a room

Used well, pendant lights can be a piece of sculpture that during the day doesn't need to dominate  the room but adds to it in a subtle way. During the evening they become a focal point  by themselves and visually define the area they illuminate, at night they also add a new dimension to the space with the patterns of light and shadow they cast and the warmth and colour they can add.

Pendant lights used over dining tables produce a light that illuminates the food and table, but doesn't cast hard downwards light onto those sitting around it. Used in hallways they cast light and shadow on the walls and break up what can be perceived as a long narrow space. In lounge or open plan areas they can be used to define the boundaries of an area.

There are a huge range of lights available, from classic designs to contemporary designs in new materials, light fittings have been a feature of interior spaces since candle light. We have included a few of our favourite pendants below.

Louis Poulsen "PH Artichoke"

This light is a design classic and for good reason. By day it is a complex sculpture and at night it transforms as the light passes through it's leaves. It also casts complex shadows on the surfaces around it.

PH Artichoke was designed in 1958 by Poul Henningsen for the Langelinie Pavillonen restaurant in Copenhagen, where it still hangs today.  The fixture has 72 leaves, positioned so as to provide totally glare-free light from any angle. The lamp suits a multitude of different interior styles.




Marc Pascal "eyoi yoi" and "orchid" pendants

Marc Pascal is a Melbourne based artist who studied fine art the product design. His lights are custom made to order and as such the client can be part of the collaborative process. We love these lights for the lightness, sculptural qualities, playfulness and complexity. Illuminated they use poly carbonate of different opacities that create light and shadow reminiscent of  dappled light through trees. they move with the breeze and so are never the same when you look at them. He also creates many other beautiful objects, his website is well worth looking at marc pascal

"eyoi yoi"

eyoi yoi pendant saturated

poly carbonate, stainless steel, rubber, aluminium.
ES globe holder
large shade diam 1200mm
shade height 500mm





The eyoi yoi light is available in many colour variations

"orchid pendant"

orchid pendant

poly carbonate, stainless steel, rubber, aluminium
ES globe holder
shade diam 1100mm
shade height 850mm



Marc Pascal orchid light available as a pendant, standard lamp and in other configurations

Marc Pascal orchid light available as a pendant, standard lamp and in other configurations

Orchid light detail showing the complexity of colours

The Orchid light is also available in customisible colours

satelight "blossom"

Satelight are another Melbourne based firm who create bespoke lights. They have a diverse range of lights and also will create a one off for you if you like. They design for the commercial market as well as for homes. This light the "blossom" is a pendant, but also has accompanying wall lights. We like this light as it doesn't take itself too seriously, and has a touch of whimsy. The images here are shown in a bar but these lights would be equally at home in a house, in a lounge or in a kids room. Again, there is the opportunity to customise these light to suit your colour scheme. from their website: 

Inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom the luminaires within the Blossom lighting collection comprise of delicate forms which play with shadow and light. The Blossom pendant lights and wall lights are most effective when placed in clusters. These flower designed light fittings provide a lighting feature to enhance a large variety of interior environments. The Blossom wall lights can be placed with its specially designed metal branch detailing.

The Blossom is available in a couple of colour variations

The Satelight blossom light is available as a wall light and pendent

This light from Satelight is just a striking in a home as it is in a bar

The Blossom is available in a couple of colour variations. This light from Satelight is just a striking in a home as it is in a bar.

Sharking Knife » Yanko Design

shark-knifefrom Sharking Knife by Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park » Yanko Design.

We really like this piece of design that not only looks good, but carries its concept through to its final it's form and function!

So the kitchen sink is full of suds and dishes and it includes that sharp knife you last cut your hand on. Only if you had the innovative Sharking Knife; one that is designed to float in a sink full of water! Check out the cute explanatory video after the jump.

Designers: Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park