Bancroft View House - Metung

“The client wished to elevate the building to capture the views towards Bancroft Bay.”

This house is designed with the primary living areas on the first floor. This raises the building above the surrounding houses and vegetation to enable views towards Bancroft bay.

The first floor of the house is suspended on a long charcoal blockwork spine wall that forms a strong visual base to the building. On the ground floor is the garage and laundry which form the lower ground entry. The main entry at the front of the house is via a bridge over a dry creek bed landscape. The entry stair is enclosed behind a timber wall. Locally sourced hardwood is used throughout the external elements of the building including soffits, decking and structural framing. Detailing of these elements including the external stairs and handrails was carefully considered to make them an integral feature of the building. The North facing upper deck is nestled amongst the trees and the palm tree on the site makes it almost a “tropical” feeling space.

The external cladding at the first floor is cement sheeting that has been broken up into a jigsaw of rectangles to provide a subtle variation to the façade. It is broken up further with timber detailing and a strong red colour to the walls.

The interiors were designed to have a light and clean look but to have a warmth at the same time.

Internally the building is bathed in light from windows on all sides. Timber is again used extensively throughout with narrow timber floor boards and timber veneer to the built in joinery. The remainder of the joinery uses black and white in contrast, with splashes of colour through the choices of furniture upholstery.

The bathrooms use white and timber elements with variations in texture and patterns in the tiles while maintaining the clean contemporary look.

Marina Shelter

The marina shelter is located on the end of the Kings Cove marina in Metung, is designed to provide both shelter and a point of reference or a landmark.

The form although birdlike with its wings also borrows from the superstructure of a yacht with the mast and rigging.  The leading edges of the wings are fine in detail , achieved by setting back the supporting structural ribs from the edges and employing ‘rigging’ as tension guys, expanding on the nautical theme. The form is ‘anchored’ to the site using blockwork screen walls the provide a wind break to the contemplation seat. The steelwork has been treated with a high quality marine paint system. The building is designed to be a landmark from the water as well as from the shore.

Metung Shaving Point House

“This Metung house was designed to maximise the site use and capture the stunning  views to Lake King and Bancroft bay.  The clients wanted a for a distinctly coastal feel and this has been reflected in the use of materials”

The house is a three storey residence located on shaving point in Metung. It has a unique location that looks over Lake King and Bancroft Bay. The house was designed to be able to cater for the immediate family as well as visitors. It has a lounge/games area, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor. The first floor has the kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite and study. The top floor is primarily a deck that takes in the panoramic views. The first floor also has decks at the front and rear that overlook the water.

The building is designed with coastal feel with some elements using hardwood cladding and soffit linings that has had a grey stain applied to “pre-age” the timber before it naturally greys off. The remainder of the building is a crisp white with complementary sandy tones. This palate is continued inside with American oak flooring to the first floor and stair that have a limed finish, and sandy toned stonework throughout with aqua tones in the ensuite. The ground floor has a polished concrete floor. Natural, earthy materials are used throughout with the ground floor entry wall and fireplace having  locally sourced stacked stone.  The building has several environmental features including, solar hot water, a solar PV array, hi-spec double glazing and external motorised louvres.

Metung – Bancroft Bay House

“The client had the opportunity to build on a prime location in Metung that overlooks Bancroft Bay. The design is therefore oriented to the views and provides a stunning panorama from the interior”

The house occupies a prominent site in Metung with views overlooking Bancroft Bay to the south Chinaman’s creek and Bells Point to the East. The house has a design philosophy based on solar gain and transparency. Fundamental to the design is to maximise the experience within the house of the natural landscape beyond. This is achieved through transparency and extensive overhangs, while the living room is designed to open up and create a sense of bringing the outdoors in. Corridors are designed to provide vistas, which assist in attaining visual transparency through the house. Modern yet reserved, a simple L shape design presents a home that appears larger than its actual size through extensive overhangs and the expression of fine roof lines that allows the building to sit inconspicuously in the landscape despite it’s prominent psoition.

The materials used throughout are earthy tones and natural materials. The exterior wall are clad in sandstone, with matching sandstone paving. The soffits are timber lined and full height aluminium windows frame the views.

Internally the main lounge and kitchen area have timber parquetry floors with timber veneer joinery and stone benchtops. The external sandstone paving and timber soffits continue into the main lounge area, blurring the definition between inside and outside. All of the rooms benefit from natural light with full height windows that are shaded from the summer sun with deep eaves. There is a large external entertaining area that the bedrooms and lounge face on to that takes in the panoramic views of Bancroft Bay and the ocean in the distance.