Toorloo Arm Primary Multipurpose Building

“The school required a building that addressed the particular site issues”

Client Name:                        Toorloo Arm Primary School (Department of Education)

Area:                                      300m²    + ancillary works

Construction Budget:          $1.07m

Builder:                                 CADbuild Construction (Formerly CM & HM Banks Builders)


This project consists primarily of a new Multipurpose Building that includes 3 separate areas that are linked by sliding walls to form a single area. In addition, there is a canteen which serves both the multipurpose area and is open to the external space.

The works also include renovations to the art room, a new open play area central to the school that has a grassed sports surface, works to the existing basketball court including extension of the court surface with a new roof over the court, and the resurfacing of the adjacent tennis court used by the school and community. The project provides several opportunities for community integration. The addition of a canteen to the school where previously there was none has provided the school with several new avenues for community involved events, catering for community events both in the multipurpose building and externally.

One of the major design influences was the orientation of the building, is located on the Eastern side of the site with a mostly Western facing facade. The building was located on the East Boundary to provide a connection from the building to the central grassed area and to maintain sightlines from the front of the school past the main buildings to the rear oval.

As the DET does not allow for air-conditioning but does allow for heating, this orientation affected the buildings’ form, with the requirement to ensure that it did not suffer from excessive Western Summer sun exposure. The roof form extends past the building line to form a walkway around the building and to protect the Western facade from the summer sun. In addition, a large timber pergola feature provides several functions including sun protection while also allowing a line of sight through to the central grassed area from the internal space and a break from the visual bulk of the building.

The school as a whole had undergone a major building upgrade in the previous year with the completion of a BER building that changed the way that the school approached their teaching and educational methodologies as they had previously only had single portable classrooms. As the school students and teachers used this new building their understanding of the opportunities that these new spaces afforded grew. This, in turn, helped to inform their brief for the new development. The school wished to subscribe to the model of flexible spaces with central areas that could be shared by single or multiple classes. This informed the design layout of the rooms in the new building.

Newlands Arm House

“The Newlands Arm house uses a bold white grid across its façade in contrast to the dark boxes that make up the building”

The building is designed around the idea of rectangular forms from the floor plan to the elevation with its gridded façade. The external building is clad in a dark brown vertical weatherboard that is contrasted by the bold white grid of the windows and highlighted white and red feature walls. The building is a statement in its surrounds.

The plan incorporates living areas on the ground floor including a lounge, dining and breakfast area. Upstairs is the bedroom area with 2 bedrooms and a master bedroom and ensuite.

The ground floor is a simple palette of white with timber features with floor boards and joinery.  The entry has a double height void which captures the light through the highlight grid windows.  The North side has large windows that open out on to a deck with views over to the water. The first floor bedrooms similarly have sweeping views to the water.

Merry Christmas from Slap Architects


As the year draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our year and to thank our wonderful clients. We have completed some very exciting projects which we will share on our website soon.

One of the most prominent, fun and most talked about projects we have undertaken this year has been the design and construction of the amenities in the main street of Bairnsdale. No doubt if you have driven through town you would have seen the bold, colourful building.

East Gippsland Shire Council embraced our idea of creating a building that is both contemporary in its materials and colours but also pays homage to the timber post and beam and corrugated iron construction of the region's architectural history. If you haven’t seen it, take a look at the project here.

We have also been involved in several other commercial projects across the region encompassing both upgrade works and new construction, including:

We have also had the opportunity to work on a broad range of houses for new families moving to the area, retiring couples, empty nesters and holiday houses. We have designed in some fantastic locations throughout East Gippsland and worked with our clients to create homes that capture the amazing views on offer around our beautiful region while maximising the benefits of their locations as well as providing a result that is personally tailored to their lifestyle.

We will be taking a short break this year, returning on Monday the 5th of January.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015 from all of us at Slap Architects.


Lakes Entrance - Seaview Parade House

“this alteration on Seaview Parade was to provide the client with expanded living areas for entertaining and to modernise the house”

The design response to this modest 1970s brick veneer alteration, located in Seaview Parade, Lakes Entrance, creates an adaptable residence which is spacious and caters for large family gatherings. Set on a large, well treed residential block a connection from within the house is created to the pool and garden beyond through split levels and lowered decks. This home sits on the escarpment overlooking Lakes Entrance township, the famous entrance to the Gippsland Lakes. The site is long and narrow and runs North – South. The clients required that the magnificent ocean views to the South be captured by as many rooms as possible. The design has responded to this requirement using an elongated “L” shaped plan that surrounds a protected North courtyard. A lap pool has been located at the North end of the the house which provides interest to the main entry.

The daily living areas are on the ground floor at the Southern end overlooking the view whilst having access to the North facing courtyard.  As the site sits in an escarpment it is subject to winds and the internalised courtyard provides shelter whilst still affording views through the adjacent living areas to the ocean. The second level has a more formal living area, again with a North aspect and together with the adjacent master bedroom, overlook the ocean.  The other bedrooms have been designed with angled alcove windows that enable ocean views past the rooms with the primary views. The third floor is a roof deck with entertainment area which has magnificent 270° views of the ocean to the South and the Lake system to the East and West.

Internally the house includes a sewing room, a theatre room and billiards room plus 4 bedrooms and 2 living rooms. The house has a  surprisingly compact appearance considering the spaces it accommodates. The stair appears to be continuous connects the three levels is central to the internal planning and is designed to almost float in the space. The interior palette of materials is simple with white painted plasterboard finishes and carpet to the upper living with the ground floor having sandstone paving laid throughout. The paving flows through to the outside courtyard, extending the living areas of the house and providing a soft patina to the spaces.

The contemporary form of the building has been clad in a sophisticated aluminium linear cladding that ensures that maintenance is minimal. In contrast some walls are clad in very durable red iron bark boarding.  Other walls employ a lightweight polystyrene cladding system.

Lakes Entrance - Point Road House

this Lakes Entrance alteration was to provide the client with expanded living areas for entertaining and to generally update the house

The design response to this modest 1970s brick veneer alteration creates an adaptable residence which is spacious and caters for large family gatherings. Set on a large, well treed residential block a connection from within the house is created to the pool and garden beyond through split levels and lowered decks.

Imperative to the alteration was the environmentally sustainable approach. Access to natural light is maximised, with highlight windows central to several of the spaces. Visual connections are created through the use of large glassed areas and slatted timber screens.

The house uses  a muted palette of materials with earth tones and natural materials throughout. Timber is used extensively throughout and contrasts against the white interior.