Modernist Concrete USB Stick


We really love this modernist Concrete USB Stick from the German studio  KIXBERLIN

This concrete USB stick is the product of the Duo - French Designer Francois-Xavier Loucher and German manufacturer Michael Villanueva and their studio KIXBERLIN.  They have produced the stick in three different sizes S - 4Gb, M - 8Gb, and L - 16Gb. They are available in both light and dark grey. They also offer customisation for large Quantities or are available individually from their online store:

We would think this is a must have item for any designer or Architect!


Sharking Knife » Yanko Design

shark-knifefrom Sharking Knife by Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park » Yanko Design.

We really like this piece of design that not only looks good, but carries its concept through to its final it's form and function!

So the kitchen sink is full of suds and dishes and it includes that sharp knife you last cut your hand on. Only if you had the innovative Sharking Knife; one that is designed to float in a sink full of water! Check out the cute explanatory video after the jump.

Designers: Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park