Crowther & Sadler | Crossco Offices

“Crowther and Sadler and Crossco wanted to modernise their office building and make a statement”

Project Name: 

Crowther & Sadler, Crossco offices


CM & HM Banks (Crowther & Sadler)

Rob Davis (Crossco offices)

Crowther and Sadler wanted their  existing 1960’s 2 storey office building to be revitalised.  The design deliberately punches the two red contemporary forms into the existing building. They are in juxtaposition to the simplicity of the existing buildings. These forms also provide a strong street presence and are a reference to the contemporary neighbouring Crossco building, ensuring that the two buildings are in visual harmony. The new forms enable the internal planning of the building to move away from the predictability of the existing building and this resulted in a greatly enhanced flow to the office layout.

The contemporary Crossco offices are complimentary to the Crowther and Sadler offices, but have their own distinctive identity. They borrow from the “box like” forms of the adjacent building but deliberately differ in their external materials and colour with the use of yellow glazing and the thin blade element that provides the canopy to the entry. The use of expressed jointed cement sheet cladding to the boardroom references the external cladding to the Crowther and Sadler offices. The general cladding is vertical ‘shadowclad' in contrast to the weatherboards on the adjacent offices. There is a also feature stone wall that provides a contrasting texture to the harder materials and forms the background for their signage.